Vipeak heavy industry share sand making machine daily maintenance four elements

Vipeak heavy industry sand making machine is the ideal production equipment for mechanism sand, asphalt concrete and cement concrete aggregate. At home and abroad it occupied a lot of market share, for a long time in the construction industry made great contribution, it is suitable for soft or medium hard and very hard material crushing, plastic, which are widely used in all kinds of ore, cement, refractories, aluminum every soil clinker, carborundum, glass raw materials, mechanism building sand, stone and various metallurgical slag. But how to use environmental protection, avoid unnecessary wear is particularly key, today vipeak heavy industry tell you revelation maintenance secret. 1, system sand machine drive triangle belt tensioning force size should be adjusted properly, in order to ensure triangle tape force uniform, double motor drive, on both sides of the triangle tape should carry on the grouping matching, make its every field length as far as possible consistent, can guarantee system sand machine equipment energy saving high efficient; 2, want to periodically stop open door window observation system sand machine internal wear, the centre enters the material tube, cone cap, impeller, the runner plate, circular plate, wear-resisting block of wear and tear, after wearing should change in time or repair, replace the wear-resisting block, to ensure that wear piece of the same weight. It is strictly prohibited in the process of work in the open door window to observe internal work, in order to avoid has the danger; 3, system sand machine each work 400 hours adding suitable amount of grease, work 2000 hours open the spindle assembly to bearing cleaning work 7200 hours, change new bearing. Spindle assembly upper bearing for floating end, bottom bearing for fixed end, the assembly to hand open pulley should be flexible rotation, in addition, found impeller body wear to change in time to find manufacturers mended; 4, system sand machine lubrication for dry oil lubrication way, quantity added to for bearing cavity of happiness to two-thirds, each working class, add right amount grease. Now mine enterprise is the development direction of energy saving and environmental protection, in addition to the development of equipment manufacturing on begin, and in the maintenance of aspect, try to increase the system sand machine service life and save a lot of resources. From:  

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