The maintenance tips of Vipeak efficient cone crusher

 Cone crusher has many types. Vipeak heavy industry CO.LTD mainly including spring cone crusher and symons cone crusher. they are both applicable to medium above the hardness of broken rocks and ores, each have different of structure and characteristics. How to extend the life of the cone, require users to form a good habit of maintenance.

Generally speaking, in the operation of cone crusher should pay attention to the following questions, to guarantee the normal operation of the machine. Cone crusher at work, feeding to even, can not segregation. If the feeding inequality will appear production capacity is reduced, the particle size is too big, spring the movement is frequent, bowl form bearing pressure big, rising power consumption.
Cone crusher has iron device, prevent a crushing cavity iron, if have frequent iron, it may cause accident broken axis. To full load production, can appear otherwise product size too thick. The broken line than to reasonable distribution, like this can the utmost develops crusher efficiency. Spring pressure can not close, pressure will also occur accident broken shaft, pressure is too small spring will frequently beat, impact crusher work, and the granularity of product coarsen. Oil temperature cannot too much or too little, otherwise, it will affect the machine operation.
Due to the bad environment of cone crusher, plus the use of units of the maintenance is not in place, the maintenance are very important, the production of the cone crusher can effective environmental protection processing all kinds of ores, and high production efficiency, easy to adjust, the use of economic, welcome general customers come to order.

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