Cone crusher maintenance

The maintenance of cone crusher is an extremely important regular work.Maintenance can prolong working life of the machine.
1, bearing
Crusher bearing stand the entire load of the machine, so the bearing life has a great relationship with has a direct influence on the machine service life and operating rates.And thus it requires that the injection of lubricant must be clean, must be well sealed, at the main oiling the machine (1) Turn the bearing (2) roller bearing (3) Gear (4) activities bearings, sliding plane.
2, the newly installed tire prone is easy to loosening,and it must always be checked.
3, the attention of machine parts working properly.
4, pay attention to check the wear parts wear, and pay attention to the replacement of worn parts.
5, put the base of the plane of the active device should be out dust and other objects to prevent the machine encountered can not be broken material activities bearing chassis cone crusher mobile, resulting in a serious accident.
6, bearing temperature rise should be immediately stopped to check the reason to eliminate them.
7, If there is the impact sound during turning the gear in the operation,immediately stop it to check and eliminate
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