crusher repairs and maintenance

How to repair a crusher?And how to do the regular maintence of crusher?Here,vipeak will tell you the methods.
Minor repairs
Minor repairs main contents are: 1, including the regular maintenance; repair or replacement of spherical 2 Check watts (spherical bearing) 3 the size of the bevel gear to repair or replace. Shafts and bearings; eccentric sleeve 4 to repair or replace. Cone bushing and straight bushing; 5 Repair threaded adjustment ring and bearing ring; 6 or replace the oil filter; the above are not necessarily all for every little repair, as the case selected.
In repair
The main content in the repair: 1 including all the small repair projects; 2 replace large and small bevel gears; 3-watt replacement drive shaft and the spherical bearing; 4 detect spherical bearing with eccentric sleeve on the gap between the end; 5 check or partially replace the spring and the spring bolt; 6 spherical bearing and check the body, moving the cone and the spindle with some wear and tear, can be replaced when necessary, above all in time for repair is not necessarily all, according to the actual situation of the selected test items.
Overhaul the main contents are: 1, including the repair of the content; 2 disintegration of all parts inspection, measurement, repair or replacement; 3 inspection, repair or replacement of the adjustment ring, support ring, spring and spring bolt; 4 correction technology throughout the crusher performance and technological innovation according to specific circumstances. formulate maintenance cycle, there are two ways: First, according to how many tons of broken ore; second, according to the load operation to determine how long.
Maintenance Notes
Whether by what method should be combined with the actual conditions of the development of unit production, because the crusher maintenance cycle with a number of factors. Such as the crusher maintenance quality, work rate, load. Ore how much strength and bulk minerals, and the maintenance of good and bad, etc. Therefore crusher maintenance cycle length, so each plant is different, such as the ore is very hard and is too large, ore block more, the load is too large. crusher maintenance cycle is very short. always been, for the maintenance of crusher, concentrator, or in conjunction with the actual situation, l with a serious and responsible staff work.

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