Why cone crusher can be qualified in the industry of iron ore processing

We know that the earliest spring cone crusher was designed by Milwaukee Symons brothers, no matter how upgrading, whether spring cone crusher, hydraulic cone crusher or Symons cone crusher, its working principle is unchanged.

We know that the cone crusher belongs to fine crushing equipment, iron ore is used more in the metallurgical industry, especially in the steel industry, grinding process is necessary before the beneficiation process, grinding fineness also affects the precision of the iron ore powder to a certain extent, stones shall be crushed before grinding, of course, the finer, the better. The crushing fineness of cone crusher can reach 3-9mm. Cone crusher can greatly reduce the burden of mill, this is one of the reasons why cone crusher can be used as fine crushing equipment.

Another aspect, according the hard characteristic of iron ore, abrasion is very serious when impact crusher and hammer crusher is used as finely equipment. From the long-term using, cone crusher has high capacity, low wear rate and ease of maintenance. Cone crusher has been certified in the iron ore production, it can be qualified in the industry of iron ore processing.

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