The adjustment measures of jaw crusher discharge opening

    Jaw stone crusher plate will always suffer ore wear and tear at work, which will result in the width of discharge opening gradually increases.In order to ensure the product discharge size, we must timely adjust the width discharge opening.
   Commonly used way of discharge opening regulation is mainly the following three ways:
Firstly: Adjusting palte.Particular way is thrust into a set of adjusting plate in the rear of thrust plate bearing, When you change the number or thickness of plate, the thrust plate forward or back,it can reach the purposes of adjusting discharge opening width.This adjustment device structure is simple,compact, and less overall weight, so large and medium-sized jaw crusher plant use this device.The disadvantage is that you must stop in adjusting.
   Secondly:Adjusting slider.It uses a bolt or turbine shaft transmission device,which makes the back wedges lifting, wedges installed in the rack before the two side walls of the guide groove,it can only move horizontally.When the back wedge was promoted,thrust plate and moving jaw is along with forward,and the width of discharge opening decrease;when the back wadge decrease,the width of discharge opening increase. The advantage of this device is that it can achieve stepless adjustment, disadvantage is very laborious in adjustmenting,and the whole machine size increases.
   Thirdly: Hydraulic adjustment.This adjustment device uses hydraulic cylinders and wedges to adjust the width of the discharge opening,when a substantial adjustment,you must first adjust the clamping force of the spring,then you put oil cylinder to the internal pressure for shorten the discharge opening,you pull outward to increase discharge openning.
   In the boot situation, it can be amplitude adjusted in the crushing chamber without material,it is easy to adjust the discharge size at any time.

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