Vipeak cone crusher make phosphorus slag become organic fertilizer

Fertilizer is the food crops, is the indispensable basic inputs in agricultural production. The low grade phosphate rock, phosphorus slag, lignite smoke, waste residue and waste oil, straw, straw and other industrial and agricultural wastes as raw materials, through micro powdered rock phosphate crystallization processing technology, and combined with biological fermentation technology for composite processing, production of organic phosphorus, the next 2-3 years can consume 215000 tons of industrial waste, annual output of 150000 tons of organic phosphorus, greatly reduce industrial pollution, improve resource utilization.
Large amounts of phosphorus slag, waste coal smoke, waste residue, waste, can be used as organic bio-fertilizer production of raw materials has opened up with low phosphate rock, the new way of preparing biological organic phosphorus and the phosphorus slag, has solved the traditional processing method middle phosphate rock phosphate fertilizer production defects and deficiencies, improve the effective utilization of resources. Phosphorus slag become organic fertilizer project development: on the one hand, will use a large number of industrial and agricultural waste, realizing pollutant reduction, harmless and recycling utilization, reduce environment pollution by solid wastes. Farmers through increasing biological organic phosphate fertilizer application at the same time, reduce the applying fertilizer content, can protect the ecological environment, the development of organic agriculture, realize the sustainable development of economic society and the environment.
Low grade phosphate rock, phosphorus slag, waste coal smoke, waste residue treatment, can use the jaw crusher coarse broken in the first place, you can also use the grinding mill. Henan zhengzhou vipeak heavy industry machinery co., LTD is a domestic most professional industrial mill, crusher, industrial mineral processing equipment manufacturers, is a professional development, design, production of rolling mill, crushing and super fine crushing equipment, mineral processing equipment professional production companies. Vico heavy industrial production by grinder, ultrafine grinder, high-pressure ultrafine powder grinding, MQX ball mill, jaw crusher, cone crusher designed for hard materials such as slag, slag, coal cinder, outstanding performance, high efficiency low energy. Over the years, vipeak heavy industry keep on technological innovation as to enhance the competitiveness of market, a central task to grasp, at present, in order to meet the need of the development of the mining machinery market, has formed the industrial mill series, sandstone series of crusher, sand making machine series, screening equipment, series mobile crusher station, dressing series and so on many kinds of product structure, and through continuous technology upgrading, make new products and derivative products have the characteristics of high starting point, high-tech, high added value, and achieve domestic same industry leading level, and become a magic weapon of the enterprise to win market.


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